Wait... there’s a Karaoke World Championships!?


Oh but of course there is. And we've got the Finns to thank!

Not content just being the masterminds behind the bubble chair and the pulk (a sled that replaces a backpack when traveling through the snow), they were the first to recognize the power of karaoke: a karaoke for all, a karaoke that breaks down borders, a karaoke that unifies languages and a karaoke where anybody can gather to sing! Finland was the first to organiz and host the first ever Karaoke World Championships in 2003.

A brief history

Celebrating its 15th year, after stops in Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Sweden and beyond, the Karaoke World Championships returned to their roots in Helsinki, Finland on November 14-18, 2017.

Amateur karaoke singers from 20 countries participate in this singing contest all vying for the the crown of Male, Female and Duet World Champion.

This year’s crown winners included contestants from the Angola, the USA and Japan.

How to participate?

Grab the microphone, warm up those vocals, open KaraFun and find out more here: www.karaokeworldchampionships.com

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